About Us

Founded by Atty. Sertif Gökçe and Atty. Abdullah Eryarsoy on January 10, 2000 in Kocaeli, GÖKER LAW OFFICE is a corporate law office constantly developing and growing upon a combination of knowledge and experience.

Providing legal consultancy and attorney services with a highly-qualified staff in various fields, GÖKER LAW OFFICE operates in departments for more productive and expeditious practice in its large office with all kinds of technical infrastructure. “Corporate departments” serve legal persons with large capital and high business load, and “legal departments” serve legal persons with relatively lower business load and smaller capital. Today GÖKER LAW OFFICE has three corporate departments and one legal department comprising competent attorneys in their respective fields.

GÖKER LAW OFFICE continues working without compromising on its principles with the ideal of renovating itself in line with the requirements of the times.